Recommended SCSM AddOns

Thanks to a customer this is a list of free addons from the community that are a MUST HAVE in your SCSM Deployment. It is not a full list but contains a lot of interesting things:

SCSM: Mail Notification - Inactive Incidents v0.2
SCSM: Mail Notification - Unassigned Incidents v0.4 *Updated*
Using Excel to create SCSM 2012 Custom Reports
Sending mail to users in the “Configuration Items: Computers, Services and People” field in System Center 2012 SP1 – Service Manager
Quick Incident Templates for System Center Service Manager
Primary Owner Assignment Notification
SCSM Clone User Role Task
SCSM 2012/R2 Auto Close Resolved Incidents Workflow
SCSM: Paste attachment from clipboard
MP to send daily email summary of all currently active workitems - UPDATED
How to inform ex-AssignedTo analyst about the withdrawal in Service Manager 2012
SCSM Auto Close Script
VIP Solution for SCSM
Remove Default SCSM Tier Queues and Support Group Views
PowerShell Exchange Connector for Getting Voicemails (or anything else) for SCSM
SCSM Form Customization Cleanup Script
Export Unsealed Service Manager Management Packs
SCSM Service Manager Call Logger Application Powershell v1.4
Incident Advanced Assign To Me Task
Scheduling Work Items in SCSM Natively
SCSM 2012 - Unassigned Incidents send a mail message after 30 minutes